Write for Us – Guest Posting

The only way that BetterParenting.com can publish “parenting advice and parenting tips from parents like you,” is to have great parents from around the world contribute guest posts to our site.  That’s why we are happy to accept article submissions and content ideas from our readers.

As an author, you gain:

  • exposure to our loyal audience of readers
  • a link back to your website accompanying your article
  • the satisfaction of knowing you are helping other parents

With that being said…We get many submissions every day.  9 out of 10 of those submissions are pretty sub par content.  We will not even consider your article unless it meets the following criteria.

  • Fits seamlessly into one of our already existing categories
  • Is a well thought out and well researched article that will provide useful content to our readers.
  • Is NOT a blatant self promotion of a company or product. Which means we do NOT accept sponsored posts or paid link requests.

If you feel like you have something of greatness that you’d like to share with our readers and it fits the above guidelines I’d really like to see it. Make sure the subject line of your email is “Great Content For You Jason” as all others will be ignored as they can’t even figure out how to follow simple instructions and obviously didn’t bother reading the above guidelines 😉

jason [at] betterparenting.com

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