Total Transformation Review

Total Transformation Review

Child Behavior

If you’re thinking about order James Lehman’s Total Transformation Program, a program that teaches effective child behavior modification techniques, then here are three things I thought you should know about this program.

#1 – It Doesn’t Just Fix Problems… It Can Prevent Them From Ever Happening!

While the program is specifically designed to help parents handle disrespectful, abusive & obnoxious children 5 years of age or older, and gives TONS of great techniques for handling tough kids… I actually think this program can help open the eyes of parents with younger children too.

That’s actually why I eventually decided to purchase The Total Transformation Program… so I could learn about the problems my two young children might run into in the future. And if you use The Total Transformation program in that way… as a tool for preventing behavior problems BEFORE they start, I think you can get even more out of it then James Lehman says you can.

#2 – It’s About MORE Then Behavior Modification

When you first start going through Lehman’s Total Transformation Program one of the very first things he talks about are 16 character flaws that children can develop.  And after reading through these 16 character traits, I realized something… all the traits he lists are traits that you are I use to describe people we don’t like in life.

And what James taught me is that if you don’t work at overcoming these character flaws while your children still live under your roof, they will become adults with these flaws… and those flaws will repel GOOD people away from then, attract negative influential people TO them, and therefore keep them from EVER reaching their full potential.

Here are some that stood out for me:

  • Always Blames Others – This is a person who always feels like their a victim.  That problems in their life are OTHER people’s faults.  But with the Total Transformation program James shows you how to teach your child to start accepting responsibility and learning how to stop feeling like YOU are their problem.
  • Become a Wisher – A wisher is a kid who might get a bad grade in school, and when asked what he’s going to do about it just says with complete sincerity, “I’ll do better next time”; except never realize that he has to change if he wants a better grade.For me, this is one of those character traits we could ALL work on as humans… realizing that sometimes we’re the ones who have to look inside ourselves and ACTUALLY change if we want to achieve our goals in life.  And what I learned from The Total Transformation program were step-by-step techniques for how to teach our kids to grow up with this skill.
  • Justifying Their Abusive Behavior – Children who do this think they can do things like yell at their teacher, or hit their sister because they were mistreated.  If not corrected, Lehman shows you how they grow up and just keep abusing everyone in their lives who don’t act as THEY think they should.  And inside Jame’s Lehman’s program you learn how to teach children APPROPRIATE ways to handle people who mistreat them.

#3 – You Get REAL Life Scripts For Handling Children

This was really one of the coolest parts of The Total Transformation program.  In one audio CD from the program James Lehman spends nearly one hour going over classic arguments your child will have with you, in a way that lets you watch how a REAL parent responds after being coached on The Total Transformation methods.

This isn’t just some fairy tale scripting either… in these scripts the kid acts out just like they do in your home, and you see the exact methods at work on the fly, and how kids react to them.  It’s a very cool part of the program.

My Final Thoughts…

Basically The Total Transformation program didn’t just deliver what the infomercial promised… it OVER DELIVERED!

It really is one of those programs you should buy, put on your iPod and re-listen to every few months until your parenting job is over… it’s just that good.

If you’d like to try it out for yourself, you can get a $1 30 day trial by clicking below:
Defiant Child Behavior problems

And please, after you go through the program, come back and leave me a comment on what you learned after going through all the exercises… I think it’d be a fun way for us parents to take our parenting skills to the next level by learning from each other’s big take-aways 🙂 also acts as an affiliate marketing partner for Legacy Publishing Company.

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  1. Tom Dewell says:

    I got a comment from your site referencing this program and I have approved it. As a father who had a very good relationship with my daughter, I am thankful that somehow I intuitively knew what to do as a parent. However, I witnessed so many others who struggled with old patterns that they simply passed on to their children.
    I would hope that your Transformation program can help many parents struggling with the awesome responsibility that they have as parents.

  2. Michelle says:

    Yesterday I starting using a couple of your techniques with my 14yo son. I started with “don’t talk to me like that. I don’t like it.” And when he swore at me and walked away while we were going into a restaurant. I left. He later called me and apologized.

    However, the next day when he was grounded, not allowed to go anywhere, and asked to go somewhere. I told him “you’re grounded. You know the rules. You can’t go.” He said I’ll walk then. I told him if he left he would begin to lose his privledges (iPhone, internet, video games, etc.) He left swearing at me. He text me some horrible things and included, “I’m won’t come home.” And he didn’t come home. It’s now 3:30AM and I am concerned about him.

    What do you do with a child that feels this empowered?


  3. John Scott says:

    Thanks for posting this article. I have a son who seems to like getting into trouble. May be this program is just what I needed.


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