More Writing Printables

More Writing Printables

To Get Your Kids Excited about Words

I love writing – but I’m ready to accept the fact that not everyone does. However, I’m not ready to resign myself to raising kids who don’t want to even try. This is why I’ve created some easy ways to get them, and any other kids, excited about writing. Well – OK – even if they aren’t excited, they might just not dislike it quite so much.

Dialogue Starters

This is an easy printable book your kids can use to practice writing the words that people say. Dialogue can be a tricky thing to master, and can be intimidating for beginning writers with all of those quotation marks and indentations every time a new speaker appears on the page. This PDF book has simple pictures and dialogue boxes or thought bubbles. Kids get to imagine what the characters might be thinking or saying. It is not an evolving story, so kids don’t have to worry about carrying a storyline throughout the book. These are just single pages where kids can get creative.

What it teaches:

  • Getting inside the thoughts of the character – the basis for dialogue
  • How to experiment with both internal and external dialogue (the thought bubbles can be used for what people are saying to themselves)
  • The relationship between pictures and words

Pop-Up Poem Book

This one page template can be printed and used to create a visual poem that unfolds before your child’s eyes. Since poetry gives children the opportunity to experiment without penalties (unless you are having them follow rules for specific types of poetry), kids can just use one word per square of the pop-up book (the directions are included at the top of the page).

  • If your kids are just emerging writers, you can use the template for them to write and illustrate simple three letter (perhaps rhyming) words – i.e. bat, hat, cat, rat.

Whether you are a lover or a hater when it comes to writing, help your child become a try-er with some of these activities.

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