“Comments Count” Contest Plus Target Giveaway Winner

“Comments Count” Contest Plus Target Giveaway Winner

Better Parenting is excited to announce the winner of our Target Gift Card Giveaway Contest, and a new contest for the month of April!  Congratulations to Geoff K, a Better Parenting reader from Columbus, OH for winning the $50 Target Gift Card.  Happy Shopping, Geoff!

“Comments Count” Contest

One of the things we’ve been thrilled with since launching Better Parenting is the quality of the comments we’ve received from readers. Community counts here at Better Parenting, and your comments help us live up to our mission of providing “parenting tips, stories and advice from real parents like you.”

We already reward our top commentators each month with a sitewide link to their website from our sidebar, but we want to take it a step further to encourage your contributions to our parenting community.  For the month of April, every comment you make on a BetterParenting.com article counts as an entry to win a $50 Wal-Mart Gift Card!

Here are the details:

  • Comments must have substance — “Good post” won’t count.  You don’t need to write a novel, but we do want you to add to the conversation.  If you want to tell the author they wrote a good post, tell them why you liked it.  Disagree with us?  Let us know.  (Note that comments to this post, don’t count as entries – you have to comment on other articles)
  • All qualifying comments made between April 1 and April 30 (11:59 pm Eastern) will count as an entry
    • Follow us on Twitter (@BetterParenting) – 5 bonus entries
      Post a comment here with your Twitter username so we can make sure you get your bonus entries.  You don’t need to comment 5 times to get the 5 entries – one comment with your username is all we need.
    • Tweet about this contest – 5 bonus entries (must be following BetterParenting to count)
      Example tweet:
      $50 Wal-Mart Giveaway Contest by @BetterParenting – http://bit.ly/dvMAIJ – every comment on their site is an entry. #bpcontest

      Make sure you include @BetterParenting and #bpcontest in your tweet so we can track your bonus entries.

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  1. Joanne Schultz says:

    i follow on twitter – js22222222 .

  2. Barbara Wright says:

    I follow you on twitter – bsw529

  3. Holly C says:

    fllo you on twitter as hbbs55

  4. erinxduh says:

    Following via Twitter.

  5. Elizabeth Young says:

    I like the Better Parenting Tip to always keep a good book in your car. I recently started doing this with my son’s Tag Reader, and it makes for easy, whine-free car rides, and it amuses my 20-month-old to watch him play/read with his books.

  6. Barbara Wright says:

    Did you know that the URL in your sample tweet takes you to a “page not found” page? 🙂

    Editors note: Looks like we had a problem with the bit.ly url shortener. Please use this new link in future tweets: http://bit.ly/dvMAIJ

  7. Patricia Treskovich says:

    follow you on twitter


  8. Patricia Treskovich says:

    tweeted Latest: $50 Wal-Mart Giveaway Contest by @BetterParenting – http://bit.ly/dvMAIJ – every comment on their site is an entry. #bpcontest less than 5 seconds ago

  9. Brandon says:

    Following you on twitter. ParentingNotes

    Also, tweeted about the contest. Thanks!

  10. Steve Scott says:

    Well I am not going to say good post because I don’t want to be disqualified. Parents need all they help they can get. Kids these days are so hard to make happy.

  11. g. l. penrod says:


  12. Martha Payne says:

    You’re the first website I’ve seen to reward commenters on a monthly basis…that’s awesome. I know how rewarding it is when someone has taken the time to actually type out a good, quality comment & not just a few simple words. A $50 gift card would really come in handy in my household, like a lot of people lately we’ve been struggling. Thanks for the contest! codisweepstakes2 (@) gmail(dot)com

  13. Kathy Scott says:

    I have enjoyed reading thru your blog. I would love to see some info on helping kids when you work all day.

  14. sally wess says:

    i’m following on twitter, and retweeted as etrnlone

  15. Betty Curran says:

    I really enjoy reading the comments from other parents. I’d like to see more addressed about teaching children more about giving to others and and accepting less for themselves.

  16. Betty Curran says:

    I follow on Twitter as willitara.

  17. steven lewis says:

    the “How To Tell If Your
    Teeen Is Depressed” article is very informative,,but it also makes me sound as if I was very Depressed as a teen. My Depression began the day I had to start working……Now that was Depressing! 40-50 Years ahead of me-to go to WORK. lmao

  18. Sarah L says:

    twitter follower: slehan

  19. Sharon Seneker says:

    I like these articles. I am especially interested in the problem of bullying in schools today! Thanks! senekers@comcast.net

  20. Sharon Seneker says:

    I am a new Twitter Follower-sharonjo1! Thanks! senekers@comcast.net

  21. Sharon Seneker says:

    I just retweeted this great giveaway from your Twitter page-sharonjo1! Fingers crossed! Thanks! senekers@comcast.net

  22. Talitha Lee says:

    I love reading comments from other parents. Make you feel a little less alone when it comes to some of the things that we face when parenting. Thanks for the wonderful site.

  23. Gary Byrne says:

    Keep it going Eppi. Good subject to address. Better parents = happier kids 🙂

  24. Gary Byrne says:

    I’ve been on the lecture trail today. Giving teachers and parents some important back-up

  25. Gary Byrne says:

    It’s surprising how much responsibilty parents give over to the school to take care of their kids. Schools want to give some back. Sign of the times.


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