A Bad Day At The Petting Zoo

A Bad Day At The Petting Zoo

I found this photo on StumbleUpon and thought it was too funny to not share with you.

If it made you smile, feel free to pass it along 🙂

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  1. Elena says:

    How is that funny, I don’t understand. Check this out http://farm4.static.flickr.com/3213/2753615964_cddd7565d8.jpg Nice teeth, right?

    • Mac Strider says:

      Yikes. I just thought because of the smile on the girls face in the photo that it wasn’t dangerous. I hope to God this camel didn’t have those teeth. I feel terrible now knowing a child could have been hurt 🙁 That’s not funny at all.

      Thanks for calling me out on this one.

  2. I think the camel might just have the back of the boy’s neck, and we can’t see him tucking his head forward. I’ve never heard of a camel biting a kid’s head before, so I sure hope he was OK too!

    Assuming he was safe … wow talk about getting “slimed” by a camel!


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