7 Most Annoying Things About Being Pregnant

7 Most Annoying Things About Being Pregnant

When I was pregnant, I had the pregnancy glow. And because I didn’t have much appetite, I was fortunate to limit my weight gain. In short, it was the best that I ever looked, with full hair and glowing skin to boot.

But there were some things that I did find unpleasant while I was expecting.

The Sensitive Nose

I was actually lucky because I didn’t get dizzy upon waking up. But my sensitive sense of smell got so intense and weird. I became nauseated at the smell of cooked food. Garlic especially made me heave. I couldn’t tolerate the smell of our car and would gag at the scent of my husband’s cologne. Basically, I hated everything that had a distinct smell.

The Stretch Marks

It was strange that one minute, I was flawless and then one day, there were angry red marks around my hips and under my belly. I tried lathering on more body butter but there they stayed. Every time I checked them out in the mirror, I felt slightly horrified, feeling like they’re cracks in my skin and I’d just suddenly burst open. Plus, it took awhile before the red marks turned white. Fortunately, I didn’t have any around my breasts!

The Waiting

It was technically a blessing that my baby got to full term. After all, every week inside a woman’s belly counts for an infant where physical development is concerned. But once a pregnant woman’s belly has gotten big, people start asking when the baby is due. And when the obstetrician tells you that the baby can safely arrive at 37 weeks, you end up getting excited over every twitch, wondering if labor has started. Ask any mother who has been pregnant and they would tell you that the last month was the longest they ever waited for something.

The Waddling

Because a woman’s hips widens in preparation for childbirth, every mother waddled at a certain point in her pregnancy. I started walking like a duck around the fourth month. Heels may have probably reduced that, but they are not really comfortable for a woman carrying that amount of weight in her middle. The waddling made me self-conscious.

The Weird Shape

Having that much weight in front meant a perpetual backache. It also meant that I really had to wear maternity clothes because just bigger-sized clothes, especially formal gowns, wouldn’t fall right on me. Plus, it was a challenge just finding a comfortable way to stand, sit and sleep. I guess it was nature’s way of preparing me for the sleepless nights to come. I also had to literally bounce myself up the bed. Thank heavens though that I never had to ask my darling husband to pull my delicates up for me.

The Cramps

There you were, finally sleeping, and you shift your position and stretch a leg. Suddenly, a pain creeps up that leg and climbs up your thigh. You start clutching your stomach because you’re feeling protective of the baby. Plus, it’s not like you can reach your legs anymore. You yell and howl and maybe even start crying and your partner fusses over your belly too, asking if labor has started and you tell him, through gritted teeth, that it’s just cramps.

The Paranoia

It could also have been nature’s way of teaching me responsibility as a parent. After the pregnancy was confirmed, I became obsessed with knowing for sure that I was doing right. Every stumble, every ache was reported dutifully to my doctor and consulted with friends who are already mothers. Every new food I ate had to be approved by them as well. I started jotting down what I did, how I felt, and what happened that day. And for everything that went wrong (spotting and bouts of gastroenteritis), I beat myself up, wondering what I did wrong. There were times I was literally exhausted of the fact that anything about me will affect my baby.

Now, the stretch marks are a badge of motherhood I wear proudly. I have even learned to embrace the fears and let them guide me in my parenting. I did ultimately lose the waddling, got my appetite back and even recovered my old shape. So yes, I, along with billions of mothers who have come before me, am proof that such annoying things generally disappear after delivery.

Or you just get a new perspective for it all.

Just between you and me though, what annoyed you most when you were pregnant?

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  1. Kelly H. says:

    Waking in the middle of the night to use the bathroom. It’s been 20 yrs since my first pregnancy, and I don’t think I’ve ever gotten a solid 8 hrs since! Maybe 6… but not 8. Pregnancy leaves less room for your bladder, and drinking lots of water fills that bladder. It’s now been 10 yrs since my last pregnancy, but I still drink lots of water… and I still get up during the night to use the bathroom!

  2. I’m currently 26 weeks pregnant and I during this pregnancy I have yet to experience the thing that annoyed me the most with the previous 3: cankles!! Actually, I’d call mine “thankles.” I get massive swelling during the last few months of my pregnancy and my feet and ankles start looking like some mutant alien. During my last pregnancy I took pictures for my mom, who lived out of state, because I was amazed at the ginormity of my feet. I like to say that my feet are trying to eat my toes. Oh, I have so much to look forward to…

  3. Hayley says:

    I am 20 weeks today and while most of the first trimester symptoms have gone, the bitchiness still remains. I feel manic most days, vacillating between heart pumping love to snarling fury. Last weekend, a blatantly rude waiter brought me to a whole level of anger I hadn’t seen since my teenage years. I couldn’t calm down and I was pissy for days. No amount of chocolate, carbs, or backrubs could make it go away. Sex seems to be my only cure. Thank heavens for that.

  4. Mec Arevalo delish says:

    Hayley, at least you get to enjoy sex 😀 I am 9 weeks along and spotting, cranky to the core and having mrore nausea than my first. I basically hate the world and just want to curl up and sleep all day, but I can’t get comfortable, keep having weird dreams when I do, and my 2-year old refuses to give me ‘space’. Worse, I am always hungry and feel nauseated when I am, but even after eating, I feel sick.

  5. April says:

    If you are not my friend or relative, please do not ask me if I intend to breast feed.
    I don’t need you to point out that I look tired. I probably do, but I’m also thinking I look good today so by you pointing out I look tired makes me feel like my efforts of getting showered and make up on was futile.
    Yes, I know my feet/ankles are swollen. Yes, they do hurt. Yes, I do put them up when I can. And No, my doctor is not concerned about toxemia.
    Don’t ask me if I’m allowed to eat that. If I’m eating it, I’m eating it. Mind your own business.
    If I’m not currently in a conversation with you regarding my pregnancy, please do not spit out unsolicited advice.
    “You look huge!” is not a compliment and it’s not helpful. “You are glowing/beautiful/doing a great job” those are acceptable comments.
    Not to sound ungrateful, but if you’re going to purchase something for me that’s not on the registry, a gift receipt is helpful. If I can’t use it, and can’t return it, then what else am I supposed to do with it?
    If I share that I’m really ready to go into labor and hold my baby (AKA – cannot wait to no longer be pregnant) please don’t point out that my brother was 6 weeks late. Love you, but that is not helpful!
    If you are a co-worker or employee (someone I do not speak to on a personal level) I’d prefer not to share with you how each one of my doctors visits went.
    If I tell you I’m feeling fine. I’m feeling fine. Do not ask, “Really? Are you sure?” If I wanted to go into more detail with you regarding how I’m feeling I will.
    If you are not my friend or relative, do not ask me how much weight I’ve gained or ask if I’ve developed stretch marks.
    Never, under any circumstance is it appropriate to point out that it looks like I’m having twins. I’m pretty sure my regular check ups with my doctor would have determined that.
    When I tell you that I haven’t slept in days, it is not helpful or supportive to say that that is Mother Nature’s way of preparing me to not sleep when baby is here. I’m tired now – I need sleep now. And to tell me to sleep as much now as I can because I wont get any when the baby is here doesn’t help me either since I cant sleep as it is right now.
    If I showed up to work that means I’m still pregnant. Thanks for inquiring.
    In general it’s always polite to hold the door open for a woman or if someone has only one grocery item in their cart behind you to let them go first. If it’s a pregnant woman, don’t be a jerk! My feet and back hurt and common courtesy would be so appreciated.
    Yes, I am going for that second/third helpings. And yes, I do plan on working out to lose the baby weight.
    If I don’t know you (or barely know you) please don’t ask if you can touch my belly. I really don’t want you to, but how do I tell you that without sounding like a you know what?
    When I talk about my apprehensions about labor; I dont need to know how tramatic and tramatizing your labor was or that you labored for 38 hours, tore horbily and then ended up in C-section. Please spare me these gory details as they are really not helpful at all!
    Please, just because I look “Big” dont assume that I’m going to have a HUGE baby, as that is something my Dr. will determine not you!
    Telling me that 1st time mom’s are usually late or early (I have heard both) with delivery is not something thats been proven or that needs to be shared in any way shape or form, the baby will come when he’s ready to come lets face it!

  6. Liss says:

    By far, the most annoying thing so far is people saying I’m going to gain a ton of weight! I’m maybe 2 months along (hopefully I’ll confirm how many weeks with my Dr. tomorrow) and people seem to be just DYING to see me huge! Hell no…I’m a small woman and no other woman in my family has ever been huge during pregnancy to get over it!

    Also, people telling me I won’t be breast feeding. Oh, really?? Did you decide this for me recently?? I realize some people have issues or didn’t produce enough milk or whatever, but as of now, by God, I’m going to try everything I can to do it!

    And, just like many have said, people are always telling me to sleep as much as I can now. DUH! I’m in my first trimester! If I could, I’d sleep ALL DAMN DAY! And several mothers I’ve talked to have said they actually slept better AFTER the baby was born, without their big belly and annoying symptoms waking them up constantly. Grrrr that just annoys me like crazy…I know new babies don’t sleep all throughout the night…I’m not stupid lol

  7. Amber says:

    A Liss: I soooo get you! All people seem to see is that I’ve gained weight! So…? Ask me about my baby! Yet they don’t… It’s a shame!

  8. Eva says:

    Stretch marks are my biggest enemy! Especcialy because you can’t do anything about it..! Does anyone have tips against stretch marks?


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