10 Halloween Costumes You Should Never Let Your Kids Wear

10 Halloween Costumes You Should Never Let Your Kids Wear

Please don’t put your kids in any of the following costumes for Halloween or you might end up speaking to someone from child protection services…

1. Naked Family?

This family costume screams family abuse like no other. Yes it’s scary but no, it’s not acceptable in modern society!  There is no doubt these kids are going to have behavior problems later in life. Its almost certain they’ll need something like The Total Transformation sooner or later.


2. Baby Alien Costume

Alien Baby
The rule of baby Halloween costumes is that they have to be cute. This costume is just plain disgusting and the poor baby in this picture looks petrified!


3. Baby Stuck In Chest

Dad Epic Failure

This poor child will have to endure many years of therapy to get over this Halloween costume. I am still not quite sure what it’s meant to be – is the baby meant to be an alien popping out his fathers chest or maybe a  genetic experiment gone wrong? Either way, we feel for the unlucky kid…


4. Slutty Halloween

It’s not just kids from white trash families that dress inappropriately during Halloween – even Noah Cyrus does it. This kind of costume is acceptable on a 16 year old but on a nine year old it sends out the wrong message!


5. Young Suicide Bomber

This kind of costume might be funny for a second – but when your kids starts trick or treating the Jewish neighbors it might cause an incident…


6. Pinata!

If you want your kid to come home black and blue then feel free to send them out in this insane Halloween costume.


7. Hitler Baby

Yes World War 2 was a long time ago but no you can’t dress your kid up like Hitler.  I doubt this kid will win any costume prizes unless he is attending a Ku Klux Klan Halloween party…


8. Evil Newborn Baby Costumes

Before anyone asks, this is for real! Its aimed at newborn babies to 6 months and these bloody bonnets allow your little one to join the Halloween fun. You have two options: an axe through your babies head and a baby alien grub popping out of the skull! Its utterly disgusting and it’s even worse that it’s made for children so young.


9. KKK Kid

Just as bad as the kid dressed like the suicide bomber is the KKK kid.  It’s possible there are some ghost costumes out there that have been mis-interpreted but I’m pretty sure this mom knew exactly the look she was going for.


10. Poor Girl…

Even if you do have a pink star wars helmet lying around – his does not mean you need to dress your little girl up with it. Just give her a chance to make some friends by letting her dress up in a normal princess outfit.


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  1. Valerie Watts-Ramirez says:

    What are parents thinking ?? Oh, wait, they’re NOT thinking, that’s what it is !
    I can’t believe what some parents are willing to let thier kids wear for Halloween !
    My girls love to go through the costume flyers and catalogs that we receive in the mail, but even though they find ones that they like, they still don’t like how ‘short’ they are, or what they reveal, and so on. I don’t even have to say anything, because they have already decided that there’s something wrong with what is being offered to them as costumes.
    So, most of the time, we just put together this and that from past costumes, and be creative. And by all means, it’s much more affordable.

  2. Dave says:

    How is the Billy Ray/Miley/Noah Cyrus clan NOT a bunch of rednecks? Just because they got rich peddling crap to us does not cure them of being rednecks. Billy Ray is a hack, and he’s whoring out his daughters to get them all rich(er).

    What a wreck those people are.

  3. Mina says:

    Ok, the third one? It’s awesome. It’s supposed to be a chest burster, like on the baby above it. I find it a little distasteful on a baby, but when the alien *is* the baby? Amazing.

  4. Awesome!! Really funny man. Still trying to figure out what to dress my 3 month old as. JSJ

  5. OMG, I suddenly don’t miss the fact that I’m from a culture that doesn’t celebrate Halloween. Who would want to see anyone (let alone your OWN) kids with an axe on their heads?

  6. livelybrowsers says:

    Thanks for good stuff

  7. Valerie says:

    I was not disgusted by most of these as much as I was by the first! What sick b@$t@rds!!! Especially the father letting the daughter touch it in amazement! WTF is wrong with these people!?

  8. Nicole says:

    What if that little girl WANTED to be a pink darth vader!?

  9. sammi says:

    #1 naked family is the most WTF i’ve seen in a while

  10. me says:

    WTF? NUMBER 1… Does anyone else see the little girl touching daddy??? WTF

  11. Wow says:

    I agree with “me” WTF number one?! These are just plain awful.

  12. Bridgette says:

    I was pretty disappointed reading this. At first I was shocked at how judgmental this post was…I mean, okay, so some of the costumes are a bit much, and number one is inappropriate, but to go as far to say “there is no doubt these kids will have behavioral problems later in life”? I mean, you really can’t be the judge of, or assume any of that. And most of these costumes aren’t really THAT bad.

    But then I realized the name of the blog is “better parenting”, so, of course it’s going to be a bunch of idiotic, bigoted, “I’m right and there is no other way that is right because obviously I’m the best ever” posts.

    It’s people like you that are ruining society. You know, the ones who are too concerned with what everybody else is up to rather than themselves? Yeah.

  13. Somebody says:

    There is nothing wrong with a girl being a Darth Vader princess! Maybe she likes princesses AND Star Wars. Let her do what she wants, whether that’s dressing like a Batman or Susie Homemaker.


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